New Restorative Yoga

Dear friends I hope that you have all  managed to stay well during the last two years of what has been a very challenging and stressful time for us all. 

I hope you have also managed to stay healthy and positive during these times. ( I know that this will have been very difficult)

I have continued to do my yoga classes via zoom during this time and continue to do so for those of you who are not quite ready to come back into the community.

I just wanted to let you know that I have some new yoga classes in the community now and wondered if any of them would be of interest to you.

The first one is on Monday morning 11-12pm at Samba Dance on Market Street Whitworth.

The second is on Tuesday 10.30-11.30am at Syke community Chapel.

The third is at Syke again on Wednesday 7-8pm.

The fourth one is at Riddiough court also in Whitworth on Thursday 7-8.15pm.

I am so excited about my new workshops and short courses that I will be offering in the very near future.

I will be doing a two hour workshop on a Saturday afternoon at Syke Chapel which is the absolute ultimate in total body and mind relaxation. combining Restorative yoga and  yoga nidra,


Restorative yoga offers gentle relaxation based yoga poses with the use of lots of props for deep support and ease, supporting the release of deeply held  tension, balancing the parasympathetic nervous system and deepening a profound state of inner stillness.During the practice of restorative yoga we will be using ancient traditional yoga breathing practices to assist us in reaching the deepest state of relaxation in both mind and body. Ill be including short visualisations and chakra balancing. The session will always be based on an appropriate theme such as some of the principles of yoga the yamas and niyamas, compassion, self love, forgiveness and much more.  

This will be followed with a soothing journey into yoga nidra which is an ancient form of regenerative healing through which you are guided into a state of deep rest and relaxation.

Yoga nidra is well known for its therapeutic benefits in supporting the nervous system, improving the bodies immune system and bringing about balance of the mind and the emotions.

I will also be offering a four week course on Yoga for back care. 

If any of these are of interest to you or someone you might know who would benefit from them please just pass on my details.

It would be so lovely to see you again, but if you feel this is not for you then I wish you all peace, health, happiness and fulfilment.

Namaste my friends

love Rita xxxx       


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