Children’s Well – Being

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga postures encourage whole brain learning and memory retention as children learn with their bodies.

Yoga reduces stress and tension in the mind and in the body and children learn how to handle their emotions.

Yoga postures can make children healthier by boosting the immune system.

Relaxation and breathing exercises help to improve children’s concentration and attention.

Positive affirmations help to build self esteem.

By learning new movements, based on animals and objects familiar to them, children will be interested and motivated to learn.

Yoga helps children to be more flexible, builds strength and stamina, this helps children to be confident and at ease with their body.

Yoga stories weave moral themes from yoga philosophy which helps social and emotional development. This helps them to make sense of the world encouraging them to be aware of others needs and the need to act responsibly with others. Yoga teaches children to have fun and be creative with their minds and  bodies


Short personalised relaxation recordings with positive affirmations & deep breathing techniques, to improve mental clarity, confidence, self esteem, inner calmness, relaxation and improved overall well being.

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Rita’s personalised meditation recordings have helped my family and friends throughout covid.

The affermations are very empowering but in a gentle and loving way.

My grandchildren have each got their own personalise meditation recording for bedtime which has helped them both with confidence in returning back to school.

Thank you so much Rita